Silage covers are known to be one of the best materials for covering and preserving hay. Discover some of its most notable benefits to know why it’s the go-to option for farmers.

Farmers and agriculturalists have been using silage covers for many years. They know that it provides much greater protection against tearing and accidental damage to the crops than other unsupported plastic covers. The strong woven polyethylene fabric is green in colour, UV-protected and lasts up to 4 seasons when taken care of properly. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most notable benefits to farmers who use silage covers!


Provides Greater Protection

Silage covers are made of high-quality woven fabric, making them a great material for protection and durability. In addition, the strong fabric provides greater protection against winds and animals damaging the crop and prevents rainwater from seeping through to nourish the soil.


Farmers can use silage covers for other purposes too! For example, if they need to store hay, it would be far more efficient than using tarpaulin or plastic covers that would require the farmer to use additional poles and stakes.


Anytime you need a material that can protect your crops from all kinds of weather conditions, silage covers are one such investment worth making!


Life Expectancy of up to Four Seasons

Perhaps, what’s most notable about using Silage Covers is its life expectancy which lasts for three to four seasons, much longer than other unsupported plastic covers. However, it depends on the usage of silage cover and how well the farmer takes care of it.


Versatility of Usage

Just like any other cover that farmers use, silage covers are versatile too! They can be used to protect hay, wheat and other crops from the elements.


Silage covers are both light-weighted and easy to use, so therefore, they can be used for various purposes as opposed to some materials that require more equipment just in case they need to be moved or carried around.


Every farmer knows how important protecting their crop is, whether it’s hay, cotton or wheat. That’s why it is paramount that you invest in a cover that will last for longer and provide the best quality of protection against damage to your crop!


Extreme UV Protection

Silage covers are great for extreme weather conditions. They are UV-protected, so they don’t wear or tear easily even when exposed to the sun’s rays for long periods!


This feature makes silage covers the ideal material for protecting crops. Once you place your crop under the cover, it won’t get exposed to harmful UV rays, which will damage them over time!


Suppose farmers need one thing when they’re out in the fields: its protection against harsh weather conditions and high-quality, durable material at an affordable price range. Then, silage covers are just the right investment for you!


Reduces the Amount of Spoilage

Finally, silage covers effectively reduce the amount of spoilage that crops face when they are not under a cover.


The reason is that covers help protect plants from harmful insects, wind and animals, which prevents them from damaging your crop even more!


As you can see, silage covers have many benefits for farmers to use as their go-to material for protecting their crops from all kinds of weather conditions! But, if you’re not using silage covers, it’s about time to make the switch. Click here to get a discount on high-quality silage covers from our store.